We're sorry for...

We apologize for minor technical problems and problems with hosting provider :(

In last 2 weeks we changed servers for 3 times due to server suspensions by "illegal pornography"

Like we said before. We are not host of any videos on this page and we do not have any illegal pornography here. All videos are legal in Japan and on our page illegal pornography is strickly prohibited. If we get request to delete any embedded videos by users or by our crawlers that break the Japanese law we will immediately remove it.

We apologize to our users because we lose backup of the website because of hosting providers who removed our website by suspensions.

At this moment we are working on this page from begining and our crawler will add the new videos day by day.

At this moment we do not have any ads due to suspension and if you want to help us to keep ChidolHUB.COM online, you can send a little donate to us by:

BTC: 3QxKottYQvWyEi6ZSHsCsefJbV2U2AGH9h


LTC: 32e8TbxU5fCjKcJfGbGpQDXKdqo2oCNnk2

Thank you!


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